Give Me Wisco Any Day, At Least You Can Go Sledding

So, I’m having a conversation with one of my friends in Wisconsin, and I got off a little rant about the weather here.  It went like this.  This is a chat transcript, so forgive the tone and style:

Me:  You’re not a fan of snow?

Her:  No. I really dislike winter.  It’s depressing and inconvenient.

Me:  Um…You live in WISCONSIN.

Her:  Yes, I know this.

Me:  Winter isn’t depressing. You know what’s depressing?  Living somewhere where there is no winter.  Like here. Where it swings wildly between 60 and 20 degrees, often several times in the same week…no snow, no ice, nothing but bare trees and mud often so deep you can’t even walk in the fields. So, yeah…give me Wisco any day, at least you can go sledding.

Her:  Ok. I will shut up now. 😛

Now, with that rant out of the way, I need to get back to my efforts to convince the [mythical, nonexistent] future Mrs. Milam that living here is all kinds of awesome.

I know.  Good luck with that.


Well, That Wasn’t Much of a Snowstorm At All

So, we woke up this morning to discover:  Not much.  Sure, there was snow on the ground, and it had drifted up against the house and the doors, but there was nothing near the 7 to 10 inches they were predicting.  I’m guessing somewhere between two and three inches.  The grass is still visible in patches.

Dad used my snowblower to clear the paved portion of their driveway off, which had drifted in some places to maybe 10 to 12 inches high.  Honestly, that was probably more of a fun nostalgic activity for him rather than a necessity.  It’s good to know the snowblower that I stubbornly insisted on keeping from my Wisconsin house still gets the job done.

So was all the preparation wasted?  Of course not.  The fuel treatment and hauling, the generator maintenance, the evaluating and arranging of the extension cords, all that needed to be done anyway.  It’s better to be prepared and then not have to make use of  all those preparations rather than the reverse.  On the plus side, my generator is ready for the inevitable power outages that will come with the spring storm season, which is only really four to six weeks away.  I can’t believe January is over already.  Seems like New Year’s was just yesterday, but that story is for another time, another post, and probably isn’t worth telling at all.

…And The Snow Keeps On Coming…

There is a serious snowstorm raging outside. Clark is hunkered down in front of the fire here in the living room.  With the cold and swirling winds, the temperature in here is just barely reaching 68 degrees. Normally, the fireplace can get the temperature up to almost 80 in the living room and near 70 in the adjoining master bedroom.  I guess I could turn on the heat pump, but it would likely just hammer away all night and not raise much but my electric bill.  Sometimes I miss having a real basement with a real furnace like the houses I grew up in.  Then again, it’s really only about six weeks out of the year here that it gets cold enough to consider any winterizing effort.

Tomorrow, we will have to see what we wake up to in terms of snow accumulation.  They were predicting 7 to 10 inches here in Hopkinsville, but so far, it looks like we’re going to be on the light side.  Daylight will reveal the truth.