Blogging Like a Teenager on Tumblr

Ok, so this is more of a Twitter/Tumblr kind of post, but it’s been rolling around in my head for the last twelve hours, so I gotta get it out:

Standing in line to pick up my fan prizes for ordering my season tickets, I got a blip on my iPhone telling me that I had been ousted as the mayor of the Sommet Center on foursquare by the girl. I looked back at where she was sitting, and she had the cutest little guilty, goofy smile. I knew she had been watching me to see my reaction. That was a happy time. “The cutest place on Earth,” indeed. At that one little point, I thought it just might last.

Wow. There ya go folks…just like a teenager.

No, I’m not going to start posting emo stuff on Tumblr or anything crazy like that.

Ok, I Take It Back. Let’s Go, Boys!

The Tatie asked me recently if I had playoff fever…and at the time, I wasn’t sure.  There is no doubt now: I have it, and I have it bad.

I take back what I said earlier about burnout and suggesting that I might look forward to a summer break from hockey.

I was wrong, I was selfish.  I admit it, and I take it back.  I don’t want this season to end until the Predators hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup in triumph.

No more personal pity parties. No more stupid, silly nonsense, no more burnout, no more hesitation. Let’s do this, and let’s do it right.

Let’s go, Predators!

Preds Win! Preds Win!

When I got out of the car here in Louisville, it was 1-0 Blackhawks.

When I turned on the TV, it was 2-1 Predators.

Final score: 4-1 Predators. Oh, yes…I still get irrationally excited for open-net goals–and there were two of them in the last minute of play.

I’m never going to get to sleep now.

So, The Preds Played Tonight…

…and I didn’t even watch on TV. Sometimes I do that when I’m upset about not being there in person. I had tickets to tonight’s game, but ended up not going–bit of a story there, in hindsight, I probably should have gone.  Instead I stayed home waiting for my brother to arrive and packed my travel bag.  I also spent almost two hours on the phone with an old friend whose voice I haven’t heard in almost five years, so that was pretty cool.

By my calculations, I have tickets for the remaining four regular-season Predators home games, but I’ll be lucky to make it to even one. Only time will tell.

Do I have hockey burnout? Maybe a little. I’m always a little conflicted when hockey is still going on when soccer, fishing and boating starts up in the spring. There’s more to it than just seasonal issues this year, of course. I’m actually looking forward to the summer break and the hockey off-season. I kind of just need to step away from the “superfan” craziness of the last year. Sorry if that offends or gets me labeled a bad fan. I want the best for the team, I really do. I’m just looking forward to shutting it all down for a little personal rest. I’ll get over it by next season and be ready to go, don’t worry.

Skating on NHL Ice

I celebrated my birthday by skating on the Nashville Predator’s home ice, which was an amazing rush for me as a hockey fan.  I’m pretty sore today–no amount of training can help prepare you for ice skating except actually ice skating, which I haven’t done in years.  I loved it.  I’m so glad I did it…but….the thing is, I almost didn’t do it.  I woke up that morning with a rather poor attitude, and when one of my friends wrote to ask if it was my birthday, I responded:

Yes, is it my birthday.  I’m trying to be happy about it.  Since I’m taking a little twitter and facebook hiatus, I didn’t post these updates this morning:

“Today is my birthday. I started it by not wanting to get out of bed and face the day. That’s probably not a good sign.”

“I swore I’d never be one of those people who freaked out about getting older.  I hope this is just some mourning/loss-related anxiety and it goes away soon.”

See?  No one likes a Debbie Downer on his birthday.  🙂

Actually, I do feel better about some things.  I have great people in my life.  You’re one of them, of course.

As an example: I was planning on coming down to the Sommet Center tonight to skate on the Predator’s home ice, but I forgot my skates at home.  My parents and a good friend offered to bring my skates to me here at work and then go with me to Nashville to make sure I did get this little bit of special time in on my birthday.  How awesome are the people in my life?  I really shouldn’t complain at all.

Long story short:  I got my skates delivered to me, and we made the trip to the Sommet Center.  Now, I’m so glad we did.  It was an experience I will remember forever.  Viewing the arena from the ice while zipping around the rink on my old college hockey skates was simply amazing for me as a Predators fan.

Some Run to Remember, Some Run to Forget…

…and I did a little of both yesterday when I completed my very first “official” road race in downtown Nashville.  I ran the Nashville Predators Fangtastic 5K, which I would have never thought I would do even a month ago, but now I am so glad I did.  I confess at one point, I considered not running, but I decided I had to complete this race no matter what.  It was kind of a symbol of being able to push through adversity, even if I was going to go it alone now.

It was just over a month ago on the evening of December 26th when I got the sudden wake-up call that I needed to start doing something to improve my fitness, as well as burn some energy to help clear my head over some things I was working through in my personal life. I got started with the Couch to 5K program, which slowly works you up from walking to running longer and longer intervals.  There were several great iPhone apps to help keep me on track as I worked through the program.  Even though I was only to Week 4 of the program, I did manage to run most of the race yesterday.  I did resort to “speed walking” one uphill when I realized I was walking up it faster than I was jogging it.

Yesterday, right before race time, I remembered about the “Map My Run” service and figured that might be fun to gather data while running the race.  I downloaded the app, and it worked great.  You can see the map of my run route and even do a 3D video “fly-by” of the route.

According to the official results:

My Gun Time: 33:38
My Chip Time: 33:15

“Gun Time” is the traditional time measurement from the sound of the starting gun to crossing the finish line. It’s more of a what people would think of a race vs. the other runners, i.e. “I crossed the finish line first,” but doesn’t take into account the large crowd at the starting line, which can take 5-10 minutes to clear out. “Chip Time” is measured from when I actually crossed the starting line (I was in the middle of the pack) to when I crossed the starting line.

My overall pace: 10:44.  A little slower than the 5:40 miles I used to post in high school, but then again, I was a lot younger and lighter then. I placed 51st out of 75 in my age group (Male 35-59). I placed 675th overall, and If I’m reading the results right, I placed 384th out of all males.

As I ran through downtown Nashville, I passed several landmarks that brought back some memories and helped me come to peace with things.  Places such as: The YMCA I almost joined on the very same night I found out things were going to change for good, the road I would have turned down had I bought a house there, and the farmer’s market where we spent some great times shopping for international foods that I rarely got to prepare because of the calorie counts.  Running past these places was cathartic for me.

Most importantly, I think I’ve made my peace with Nashville again. I’m looking forward to the next event, and yes, also the next race.