Preds Win! Preds Win!

When I got out of the car here in Louisville, it was 1-0 Blackhawks.

When I turned on the TV, it was 2-1 Predators.

Final score: 4-1 Predators. Oh, yes…I still get irrationally excited for open-net goals–and there were two of them in the last minute of play.

I’m never going to get to sleep now.

Hello Again, Louisville…Much Nicer to See You This Time.

We traveled to my brother’s in Louisville tonight for my nephew’s big fourth birthday party, which is tomorrow.  Everyone else is asleep upstairs.  I’m down in the basement “man cave” watching the Predators game on TV, E-Mailing friends, and waiting for the road coffee to wear off so I can get to sleep.  The setup down here is very nice:  Big HDTV, wireless internet, my own bathroom, and a comfortable queen bed.  I can’t complain.

However, I am reminded of the last time I was here, almost two months ago.  The breakup was fresh, only two days old.  That Saturday morning, on the good advice and encouragement of a friend, I left Clark in good hands and pointed the old, worn-out Jetta east to Louisville.  I had to put some distance between myself and Nashville.

I arrived in time to go to dinner with some friends I hadn’t seen since Mike and Ashley’s wedding, and had a rather good time—mojitos and light chatter did wonders for keeping me distracted.  That night, however, I had all kinds of trouble sleeping.  In fact, I was jarred awake almost every hour on the hour.

Those were not fun times, but those times are in the past.

I’m going to bed now, and I’m going to sleep just fine, because it’s time to start living life again.  It’s my nephew’s birthday tomorrow, and he deserves a great one.