Time To Get This File Off My Desktop

I’ve had this Word file on my desktop for at least two years called “Blog Stream of Consciousness.” I decided it had to go. It was one of those things you leave thinking “I’ll get to that someday,” but you never do. So, I opened it to see if there was anything worth saving. I was surprised that it didn’t contain what I thought it did. At one time it, was a list of topics I jotted down that I thought I’d write about later. I guess I must have edited it since, because it contained only this passage:

Sitting here at the Lake House, where there is just barely any cell phone coverage and certainly not any Internet service, I’m reminded how our computers have really become nothing more than Internet terminals. Without the network, I’m relegated to using my computer as a media center for movies and music, doing some writing as I’m doing right now, and…

I’ve now deleted the file, and I guess it did serve its purpose, as it did make it into a blog post. The previous sentence contains many occurrences of the word “it.”

By the way, happy Rush day: 2/1/12.

Blogging Like a Teenager on Tumblr

Ok, so this is more of a Twitter/Tumblr kind of post, but it’s been rolling around in my head for the last twelve hours, so I gotta get it out:

Standing in line to pick up my fan prizes for ordering my season tickets, I got a blip on my iPhone telling me that I had been ousted as the mayor of the Sommet Center on foursquare by the girl. I looked back at where she was sitting, and she had the cutest little guilty, goofy smile. I knew she had been watching me to see my reaction. That was a happy time. “The cutest place on Earth,” indeed. At that one little point, I thought it just might last.

Wow. There ya go folks…just like a teenager.

No, I’m not going to start posting emo stuff on Tumblr or anything crazy like that.

Where Did Those Posts Go?

Let’s be honest: I don’t have many regular readers here. This blog has come and gone, been active and stagnated for over eight years now. (Really? That long? Wow.) So, I doubt anyone has even really noticed that some posts from earlier this month disappeared.

If you did notice and wonder what happened, the explanation is simple: I took those posts down after some recent personal life events caused me to reevaluate how much I wanted to reveal to the world at large about my feelings and my personal life. These same life events made one post in particular look rather foolish.

Maybe someday I’ll put those posts back up when things aren’t so raw for me. Time heals, and all that stuff. For now, I’m going to be in a more private mode here. Not so much the “Heart of Chuck,” but maybe more “What’s Up on the Farm” and “Why We Make Irrational Choices About Computers.”  Oh, and yes, lots of Clark photos and stories, I’m sure.

I Need a New Blog Title

Hive mind, I need your help here. I have determined that the title of this blog: “Chuck Milam’s Musings – Random Thoughts From a Not-So Random Dude,” is hideous, weak, and lame.

I’m now taking suggestions for a new blog title from those of you that are better with the creative than I. Leave it in the comments below. Thanks.