Give Me Wisco Any Day, At Least You Can Go Sledding

So, I’m having a conversation with one of my friends in Wisconsin, and I got off a little rant about the weather here.  It went like this.  This is a chat transcript, so forgive the tone and style:

Me:  You’re not a fan of snow?

Her:  No. I really dislike winter.  It’s depressing and inconvenient.

Me:  Um…You live in WISCONSIN.

Her:  Yes, I know this.

Me:  Winter isn’t depressing. You know what’s depressing?  Living somewhere where there is no winter.  Like here. Where it swings wildly between 60 and 20 degrees, often several times in the same week…no snow, no ice, nothing but bare trees and mud often so deep you can’t even walk in the fields. So, yeah…give me Wisco any day, at least you can go sledding.

Her:  Ok. I will shut up now. 😛

Now, with that rant out of the way, I need to get back to my efforts to convince the [mythical, nonexistent] future Mrs. Milam that living here is all kinds of awesome.

I know.  Good luck with that.


It’s Officially Spring

Last night, we took the carryall and the loader off the Kubota tractor and put the finishing mower deck on. Despite my best efforts, I still got covered in grease. It’s officially spring on the farm when we convert from “deer hauler” to “lawn mower” mode. I even took my first cuts with the mower before it got dark. I’m guessing I’ll be doing my fair share of the mowing this year. Last year Dad got stuck with a lot of it simply because I wasn’t around. Sorry, Dad.

Also: I tried a new recipe for Irish Whiskey BBQ Glaze on some ribs. The recipe calls for Jameson and Baileys. It was delicious, but I was painfully reminded by one batch how sugar-containing sauces can burn quickly over direct heat. It’s great to get to cook and grill again. Life’s little pleasures make it all worth it.