GPS Detour Takes Me Back…

In what turned out to be some serendipitous scheduling, I decided to attend a conference this weekend just outside of Franklin, Tennessee.  My fellow conference partner and I came down the night before the main event so we could relax and not have to get up at the crack of dawn and drive down the morning of.  After a nice dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall place called “Thai Spice,” we decided to set the GPS for the address of the conference site and get a feel for the route and the drive time.  The GPS directed me out of town on kind of a zig-zag route, which at one time would have concerned me, but I’ve been in the south long enough now to know not to sweat.  This is just how the roads are in the older states.  There is no “country block/grid” system around here.

As we continued down one road, the GPS directed me to “Continue Straight on Old [Something] Road.”  As we got about a mile down this older winding road, I started to get déjà vu, but I figured that was a little crazy.  There was no way I had been here before…or was there? As we continued, I looked over to the left and saw a large concrete wall, part of some kind of round retaining basin up on a ridge, surrounded by a fence with distinctive warning signs on it. I knew I had seen that before.  I finally said it out loud: “I’ve been here before. I know it, even though that seems impossible.”

Further down the road, I began to notice some familiar-looking country and large estate-style ranches.  I still couldn’t believe that I was where I thought I was—even though everything looked so familiar. I mean, even if it was, I would have only been out this way maybe once or twice—three times, at most—how could I remember that?

Finally, we came to a “T” intersection with a sign that confirmed it.  I stopped for a bit and just looked at the sign, taking it in.

“Hello, Leipers Fork.  I haven’t seen you since…Thanksgiving?”

Editor’s Note:  I was going to link to the main Leipers Fork web site I found via Google, but it has background music.  I don’t want to encourage that nonsense, so no linking from me.  Google it for yourself if you’re interested, but turn down your speakers before you click on it–there’s no warning before the music starts blaring.

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