Cleaning out the Jetta

Cleaning out the old car today, I found:

  • One more disc golf driver.  Sorry, guys.  I’ll make it up to you this season.
  • Long green drinking straws and their wrappers from Starbucks, used for drinking from a Venti Unsweetened Iced Coffee.
  • I was supposed to sign and mail this form back to one of the schools I refereed soccer games for.  Sorry about that.
  • Verification from an old bank statement, showing the time where I gassed up on at the Shell on White Bridge with butterflies in my stomach–killing time before I went to watch “The Tingler.”
  • Inside the door, the tags from the now-favorite quarter-zip olive green sweater I purchased on one of many trips to Target.
  • A pile of unread magazines, catalogs and mail from October, which is when I apparently began living out of my car after the hockey season started.
  • Quite a lot of little white Jackalope hairs in the trunk that were picked up by my travel bag on a wood floor in Nashville, along with that promotional “backpack” they gave out at a Preds game.  Inside was a game program from that night:  December 26, 2009.  Happy Birthday.

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