…And The Snow Keeps On Coming…

There is a serious snowstorm raging outside. Clark is hunkered down in front of the fire here in the living room.  With the cold and swirling winds, the temperature in here is just barely reaching 68 degrees. Normally, the fireplace can get the temperature up to almost 80 in the living room and near 70 in the adjoining master bedroom.  I guess I could turn on the heat pump, but it would likely just hammer away all night and not raise much but my electric bill.  Sometimes I miss having a real basement with a real furnace like the houses I grew up in.  Then again, it’s really only about six weeks out of the year here that it gets cold enough to consider any winterizing effort.

Tomorrow, we will have to see what we wake up to in terms of snow accumulation.  They were predicting 7 to 10 inches here in Hopkinsville, but so far, it looks like we’re going to be on the light side.  Daylight will reveal the truth.

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