2010: Round Numbers Prevent “Decade Denial”

Ok, so we are now twenty or so days into the year 2010, and I’ve come
to realize something:

This nice round-numbered year is making it really hard for me to
engage in what I’ve come to call “decade denial.” Allow me to
explain: In previous years, let’s say…2009, for example…it was much
easier for me to imagine that “…2005 wasn’t that long ago.” Here’s
where it hit me: I was just looking at an article dated 2005 and I
was trying to determine if it was still fresh information…and a month
ago, I might have used it. However, with that big fat “10” at the end
of the current year, the easy math gets me thinking, “Holy crap,
that’s five years old already.”

I bet I’m not the only one seeing this. Subtracting from 10 makes
for easy math, which means I can no longer deny that time is marching on.

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