Mom’s Tribute to Fudge, the Original “Best Dog Ever”

On Christmas morning of 2009, we had to take Fudge on his final car ride. This is my Mom’s tribute to his memory. He was a big part of the family for over ten years.  The photo is what I believe to be the last photo in my collection taken of Fudge, shot on Thanksgiving Day of 2009 at my brother’s house in Louisville.  For the record, there are hundreds of photos of Fudge in my photo library.


Fudge with Baby Ben
Fudge and Baby Ben on Thanksgiving

By Carolyn Milam

Late winter in Kentucky—homeless dog and lonely young physician bond as they walk.  Nine dollars seals the deal.  I am yours, Dad, and you are mine.  Do you think Mom will love me, too?  Dad, your red pickup?  LET’S GO!

GO…thousands of miles from Lexington to St. Louis to Virginia to Nashville, to Houston, to the Lake House.  Dad,  I’ll ride shotgun.

CHEESE…string cheese, marbled Colby-muenster, plain old American.  I’ll shake, lie down, talk.  Feed me cheese.  Or turkey, tofu casserole, those luscious bourbon-pecan chocolate brownies…so near the edge of the counter.  Sorry, Mom.  Quick—my elixir—you know—birdbath water.  Hey, Ben and Jack, send a few tidbits under the table.  I’m waiting.  But Ben, peanut butter sticks to the roof of my mouth.

SKUNKED…Old Mike, look at those friendly black and white kitties.  I must meet and greet.  What!  The smell,  stinging in my eyes.  Steak Lady, how long will I be in the garage and how many more peppermint soap and tomato juice baths?

THUNDER…another storm, or the Fort Campbell guns or Uncle Chuck’s target practice.  Quick! safe spot, cover me with the red comforter, play Pachabel.  Together, we’ll make it through.

DREAMS…chasing deer at the creek and through a few thickets, barking away another pesky Harley on Harmony Grove Road, retrieving Old Mike’s Croc from the lake, guarding Mom while Dad’s away, chasing rabbits and chipmunks and blue jays from my territory.

Now my journey changes.  Remember the Eternal  restores all things.  Then, I’ll fetch, leap and roll again.  So, beloved family, until then, maybe soon, until then.

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