Old Swatches Bring Back Memories

Jane Q. Public sent me a link to some classic Swatch watches.  Looking at these brought back a lot of memories. Also, I now know what I spent a big portion of my time in middle and high school doing: Staring at my watch.

We had a facebook reminiscing session about Swatches after my best friend from middle school posted a photo of me wearing one. I remember having a bunch of these–but we think we may have just traded them around. Somehow I don’t see Bob & Carolyn Milam indulging me in fashion wristwatches in 1988. I wore a Swatch well into college as I recall.

I think this was one I bought myself. Special Halley’s comet edition, celebrating the comet’s return in 1986, which was also the first time I genuinely contemplated my mortality–wondering if I’d be around in 75 years to see it again. Pretty heavy stuff for a 13/14-year-old.

I had this one for a long time. I was fascinated by it, being able to see the inner workings.

I hung onto this one for a while after I got bitten by the flying/airplane bug.

This was the one I wore into college. Boring, but still a Swatch.

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