Clark Gets Skunked…Again!

I know, I know….way too long since I’ve updated here. Blame twitter and facebook, I guess. Anyway, a quick update just on tonight’s events:

  1. Mom is away in Israel, so I’m kind of taking care of Dad, making sure he’s eating real food and stuff.
  2. I made my “sweet heat” chicken wings and helped Dad get on facebook. Yes, my seventy-something-year-old father is now on facebook.
  3. Clark decided to chase a skunk. Yes, he got sprayed. This did not deter him. He got sprayed again. Twice. Good dog for not giving up? Attaboy? I’m conflicted.
  4. Gave Clark a bath, which is not good—as he’s had too many baths this month already. Irritated, itchy dog skin kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  5. Took a shot from one of my grumpy fraternity brothers on facebook who thinks anyone who updates status with anything less than life-altering news has “too much time on their hands.”

I’m currently trying to decide whether the bath helped or if I’m just tapping my experience as a trapper and getting used to the skunk smell in here.

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